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Behind the scenes is a new series featuring new working songs recorded from rehearsals, special behind the scenes footage and everything in between. Stay tuned and keep it lunar!
Inside the Studio
Behind The Scenes Rehearsal Photo.jpg
Behind the Scenes Episode 1:
Inside the Studio - Working Songs
Episode 1: New Songs Best Of Rehearsal 3-21-2020
Snippets of some new songs in the mix:
  • The Doors - "Love Her Madly,"
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Around the World"
  • The Beatles' "Glass Onion."
Episode 2: "Sideways" From rehearsal 3-21-2020
Our rendition of Citizen Cope's "Sideways"
Behind the Scenes Episode 2: 
Inside the Studio - Sideways
Behind the Scenes Episode 3:
Inside the Studio - Comfortably Numb
Episode 3: "Comfortably Numb" Rehearsal 3-31-2020
Our working arrangement of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" cut from rehearsal 3-31-2020
Behind the Scenes Episode 4:
Inside the Studio - Use Me
Episode 4: "Use Me" Rehearsal 4-3-2020
Our arrangement of Bill Withers' "Use Me" cut from rehearsal 4-3-2020
Episode 5: "Learning To Fly" Rehearsal 5-15-2020
Our arrangement of Pink Floyd's' "Learning To Fly" cut from rehearsal 5-15-2020. We started experimenting with hand percussion after rigging a stand for our djembe. 
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